My Work

Supply Chain & Ops

How to transform a G-Sheet-managed startup into a state-of-the-art delivery ecosystem of applications ?

Electronic Medical Record

I spent 2019-2020 understanding physicians in their context. I believe they need to feel in control and we need to automate all the paperwork.

Remote Patient Monitoring

In 2018 I worked with Tactio Health on a Remote Patient Monitoring application for medical personel. Turns out the patient needed a better ux to use the devices.

Time Series Prediction

Working with data scientists, stakeholders and users to design an app for trucker to spend less time waiting in line to go to the Port of Montreal.

AI Flagship Demo

In 2017 at Element AI, as an early employee, I co-founded the design department, hired most designers and established the design best practices and methodologies.

Air Traffic Control

In 2016 I helped Adacel redesign the instructor’s application for Air Traffic Controller training. I optimized the workflow from minutes to seconds, to build training scenarios.

Autonomous Drill

Designed in-cab drill application with modern web-app technology on thin client. Lead designer for autonomous drill system application Command for Drilling.

Pit Supervisor App

UCD is at the core of user adoption. Designers can create beautiful apps, companies can spend millions, in the end user decides if the application fits their needs.

Tech Assistant

A digital assistant is a great solution to help technician accurately perform task on time and on budget. In this case, mounting precision equipments to a fleet of mining vehicles.

Award-winning website

At Nurun in 2013, I participated in the redesign of the award-winning website I was in charge of and preparing all the prototypes for the usability tests.

TV Experience

Lead the design of the new Videotron illico Terminal: analysis, ergonomic review, prototypes, wireframes, specifications, client presentation and QA tests.


At Stingray in 2009, I worked on The Karaoke Channel offline experience (CD and console version) for the chalet and other remote location.

Music Player

In 2009, I designed the Galaxie player first version mobile app (iPad & iPhone). Today, the Stingray Music app is used by millions.

Network Monitoring

In 2005 I designed a network monitoring and control dashboards, including a realtime 3D map-based and logical view.

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