User Experience Designer Consultant

Hi, I’m JP

I’m a UX designer consultant and I specialized in user research, systems of intelligence and team collaboration…

I help companies discover their users’ needs and exceed their expectations to create an impact.

I help teams make better-informed decisions by testing earlier and by directly measuring satisfaction.

I help people by designing innovative and engaging products that enhance human capabilities.

I learned from them…

Why you need a UX Designer

A UX designer will research everything from what’s already out there, to your potential target personas before you’ve even started on the code and visual design of your website or application. This in-depth research into the market before launching a product will save you time, money and heartache later on.

Let’s work together

Who I am

I’m a father and a seasoned professional and I’m interested in improving people’s live with smart, simple & easy to use technologies.

I like everything about Design, from history of design to fabrication methods to virtual environment design and human interactions.

I live near Sherbrooke, in an ecological house I designed. In my spare time I like to design energy efficient systems and show my kids the most beautiful and inspiring design already exists in nature.