Adacel 2016 – Scenario Builder


  • Air Traffic Control Instructors & Students


  • Instructors creating new scenarios for classes and exams
  • Students selecting and launching the air trafic simulation

Double Diamond Process (4 weeks)

General Problem

“We need a new web interface to create air traffic scenarios from a tablet”

Discover phase (week 1)

  1. Conducted stakeholder interviews
  2. Conducted expert interviews
  3. Heuristic evaluation on legacy UI

Decide phase (week 2)

  1. Present research insights
  2. Propose usability improvements
  3. Propose simplified information architecture and labelling
  4. Agree on context requirements & hand-held device best practices

Specific Problem / opportunity

Opportunity to speed-up the creation process:

  • “It takes forever to create a new scenario (3 to 5 minutes)
  • “Besides the location, there’s only a few parameters that we change most of the time:
    • Weather condition (clam, rainy, windy, snowy…)
    • Intensity (number of aircraft per hour)
    • Complexity (type of aircraft variation)
    • Events (delay, spacing, collision…)

Let’s try a card-based landing page, with meta-parameters and a “start-from-previous” scenario

Design phase (week 3)

  • Iterative medium-fidelity design approach with stakeholders
  • Frontend stack design in mind (Angular + Material Design)
  • Tested a two-size card component!
  • Optimized the flow to a single screen for most used parameters
  • Optimized user flow so that 80% of use cases takes less than 15 seconds

Deliver phase (week 4)

  • Presented medium-fidelity interactive prototype
  • Proposed high-fidelity UI mockup and basic style guide