Style Transfer Photo Booth 2017

Iterative Sprint Design method applied to a physical installation. From early concept to finished product.

Rapid Prototyping – User Research – Flow Testing – Learning

“JP led the design of the Mur.AI project with the Design Sprint method from GV, making Mur.AI our first and very popular demo, still in high demand today.”

– Gabriel Duford, SVP Development & Technology and Co-founder at Element AI

C2 Montreal Installation 2017

Over 700 Shared Pictures on Twitter @ElementAIArt

White Paper Mur.AI : Realtime Style Transfer Demo for Video

UX Designer 2017 – 2018

AI projects and Proof of concepts for client such as :

  • Radio-Canada (article taxonomy and image recommender)
  • Port of Montreal (Truck Portal time prediction system)
  • Unilever (consumer products copy-cat detector)
  • In-house cybersecurity product to help Tier 1 Analysts filter through false positive threat detection

Design Ops 2019

Helped the design team with common toolkit and design process. Started an AI-specific Design System with the help of AI-First Design researchers, architects and frontEnd developers.

* UI/UX Designs and research artifacts are confidential for now