Miranda (now Grass Valley) 2005

Product : iControl, a multi-screen network monitoring and control dashboards for broadcasters.

Audience : Shift Operator surveilling network, TV and radio signals.

Findings : understand how users do their job, what data/info are they looking at, lower their anxiety and cognitive load.

In house tools

For the production speed, I developed a few Javascript tools for Photoshop to automate the UI construction. Some basic grid button generation, with a simple UI to edit some parameters.

For the R&D Projects, I created Virtools and Maya automation scripts as well as integration scripts to connect the physical hardware with the virtual replica via SNMP.

3D project

3D Monitoring map and logical view

As a key demo for NAB 2005, I single-handed designed, developed and delivered a 3D monitoring map view and logical view for iControl. I used Maya to create the environment and Virtools to integrated it.

The map view could display the national map with satellite and ground link, hot spot and weather forecast. The user could drill-down to a state view to see facilities and enter an equipment floor (in 1st person) navigate to the device in fault and pull its spec sheet to troubleshoot.