Caterpillar 2016

Product : Service technician tablet application

Audience : Service technician requiring interactive equipment mounting instructions and fleet task progression display.

  • Remote expert interview
  • Sketch, wireframes & prototype
  • UI / UX Design

Drill Application Design 2015

Products : In-cab Drill control and monitoring application (Terrain) and autonomous multi-drill application (Command)

Audience : Drill operators (ex: MD6250) in the drill and remote office

  • In Situ expert interviews and cognitive task analysis
  • Card sorting, dotmocracy and design thinking workshops
  • Initiated a ux design community of practice (aimed at consistency for application ecosystem)
  • User tests (tasked-based user test conducted by fellow)

Drill Operator User Research 2014

Key findings : operators look out the window, they feel and hear the machine more than they look at the display. We translate this by creating bolder gauges, visible in the peripherals. Based on the rock hardness, we added different bit animation to mimic the vibrations.

I conducted a benchmark on the gauges

“We didn’t know how much we needed UX and UCD before we worked with JP. He opened our mind to a different way of developing our product with the user at the heart of everything.”

– Eric Alarie, Engineering Manager at Caterpillar

Pit Supervisor Application Wireframes 2016

Caterpillar One Minestar

Project : Tablet application to track production, monitor vehicle status (fuel, tires, payload…), assign operator with machines, schedule breaks and lunch time, jobs & time codes…

Audience : Pit supervisor running around the pit all day in his pickup.