Omnimed 2020

Product : Digital (or Electronic) Medical Record (DMR/EMR) application – IN COVID19 context.

Audience : Physicians and specialists for consultations in clinics as well as nurses, secretaries, archivists, etc.

Design Process

  • Heuristic Evaluation & Accessibility Audit (WCAG 2.0)
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Branding upgrade & application facelift (a11y fix)
  • Design Toolkit and Design System initiative
  • Conducted User Research / User tests with teams
  • Design thinking workshops, talks and design training

Lightning Decision Jam Workshop

This workshop is great for alignment and prioritization. To gain clarity, I invited the stakeholder, “Patient” team’s PM and dev to discuss all issue, rate them by importance and impact, decide which one to tackle first, what are the next steps, and who is responsible.

Omnimed 2020

Product : Patient Portal (new product) – IN COVID19 context.

Audience : Patient who needs a medical appointment and communicated prescription/results/program.

Patient Journey Map Example

In order to kick-off a the patient portal product, we mapped some patient experience and highlighted all each touchpoint with the medical crew.

* UI/UX Designs are confidential for now

New Brand & UI Facelift

I hire my friend Patrick Fleury as a Brand Designer to work with the stakeholder team to come up with a new corporate image.

The new colours, typography and iconography gave a more modern look to the medical application.

“JP had a strong impact on Omnimed. In less than a year, JP gave over 30 workshops, talks and training to help us better understand UX and integrate UCD. He conducted important user research on the medical context. He helped us clarified product strategy, enhanced our development processes and initiated a transformation of our product to adopt the best standards in ergonomics, usability and accessibility. He established foundations of our design system and even changed our branding.

Thank you JP!”

– Xavier Boilard, CEO Omnimed