Medical Apps

I spent 2019-2020 understanding doctors using medical apps in their context. I believe they need to feel in control and we need to automate all the paperwork.

AI Products

In 2017 at Element AI, as an early employee, I co-founded the design department, hired most designers and established the design best practices and methodologies.

Air Traffic Control

In 2016 I helped Adacel redesign the instructor’s application for Air Traffic Controller training. I optimized the workflow from minutes to seconds, to build training scenarios.

Mining Applications

Designed in-cab drill application with modern web-app technology on thin client. Lead designer for autonomous drill system application Command for Drilling.

Award-wining website

At Nurun in 2013, I participated in the redesign of the award-wining website I was in charge of designing key modules and preparing all the prototypes for the user tests.

TV Experience

Lead the design of the new Videotron illico Terminal: analysis, ergonomic review, prototypes, wireframes, specifications, client presentation and QA tests.


At Stingray in 2009, I worked on The Karaoke Channel offline experience (CD and console version) for the chalet and other remote location.

Music Player

In 2009, I designed the Galaxie player first version mobile app (iPad & iPhone). Today, the Stingray Music app is used by millions.

Network Monitoring

In 2005 I designed a network monitoring and control dashboards, including a realtime 3D map-based and logical view.